Excellent Performance

  • Thermal conductivity is 5÷10X better than alternative materials, which allows significantly higher power utilization.
  • High speed, due to very low inductance of full Aluminum via.
  • Very high routing density, < 1/1 mil metallic line/space.
  • Suitable for RF applications due to versatile geometry of strip-lines,
  • Waveguide structures, and controlled impedance lines.
  • Possible to include integrated passives such as resistors in the multilayer.

Superior Reliability

  • 3,000 vs. 400 thermal cycles.
  • Single material system guarantees no epoxy glue and no peeling (unlike PCB’s).
  • No cracking (unlike Ceramic).

Low Cost and simple manufacturing

  • Low BOM large panel production.
  • No via drill/etch and fill process.
  • No need for plated through holes.
  • No use of high temperature processes.
  • Fewer number of process steps.