Highest reliability is one the most important and key attributes of ALOX™ technology and products. ALOX™ based products, substrates and packages, demonstrate the highest reliability standards required in the semiconductor electronics packaging. ALOX™ substrates, both single layer AMS and multilayer substrates, and assemblies and devices based on ALOX™ substrates, such as LED Light Engines or high power modules, all passed successfully extensive reliability tests. Tests were done according to the most stringent requirements commonly used in industry. Such tests that ALOX™ products passed successfully include, among others, the following:

  • Thermal cycling – substrates and assemblies passed numerous and extensive thermal cycling tests, and reached repeatedly over 1,000 cycles and also (when tested to this level) 3,000 cycles between -55 to +125 ℃, without failure.
  • HAST tests for molded devices.
  • Mechanical vibration tests for assemblies.
  • X-ray analysis following preconditioning and soldering processes.
  • HTHH tests: Yield and warpage degradation following high Temperature and high Humidity preconditioning and high and low temperature storage.
  • Via chain resistance stability.
  • Adhesion and delamination tests