MCL licenses its ALOX™ Technology to partners that together will promote further penetration of this enabling technology into next generation products.
MCL innovative ALOX substrate and packaging technology has superior thermal management and excellent reliability that result in higher, yet cost effective, performance.
ALOX is a patent protected disruptive multilayer substrate technology developed for excellent thermal management of high-power electronic modules and microelectronics packaging applications.
The multilayered structure consists of a thermally conducting aluminum, encompassed by electrically insulating anodized aluminum. The Aluminum provides direct metallic thermal path throughout the substrate, while electrically isolated by the surrounding insulating anodized aluminum. The above described structure of aluminum & aluminum oxide is cladded by patterned copper layers from both sides, of high resolution, providing for the signal routing.
Unlike standard solutions, in a specially designed and patented structure, there is no use of thermally blocking materials (e.g., polymers) that have inferior thermal conductivity and reliability.
Thus, ALOX™ substrates are ideal for fabrication of substrates and packages of-high power semiconductor devices and modules.